“This company will be one to watch in the future.”
The British Theatre Guide


In a new way will you hear words and thoughts of Marcel Mithois, Antoine de Saint Exupery, Nadezhda Teffi, Andre Roussin and suddenly even for us - The Bible, The Old Testament. Our actors will be dangerously balancing themselves in movements, interludes and dances. You will see “the eternal bride” and “the girl in the window”, you will meet the youth who will disclose the secret of his fear and will see our big puppet heroes. And maybe you will be able to hear and see a worldwide popular singer. Besides, in the end we will see every our spectator in a close-up like in a forgotten movie, as if it were nostalgia… for reality.

Sometimes the moments come, when you want to start a conversation with the people who come to the show. The con versation, which is more intimate, confessionary enabling you to look in, the eyes of the person whom you want to dialogue with, to feel his pulse and breath. The most important in the show is what is behind the words and between the lines. There are 2 actors, 3 actresses, 4 puppets, 1 video director, 1 projector, a lot of light and music. We fight for the real, live theatre and step into the dialogue with the audience about theatre, life and love. SSSR productions company was founded in 2007. Its main focus is on producing and financing art projects. Our creative triumphs have already been well received by the Foreign and Russian critics and the media.

There are only highly professional actors in the cast. Their acting is based on the Stanislavski's system, which has stood the test of time. Foreign masterpieces will be expressed through the richness and beauty of English language.



Actress, graduated from Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Her working experience involves 20 years of working on the stage. She has acted in more than 16 films. A ray of light always runs through her works. Emilia possesses a gift of enlivening any given circumstances, filling them with love and bringing them to her audience. She grew up in an artistic family and spent all her free time on the stage since her childhood.

Yulia Akimova, Actress

Graduated from Novosibirsk State Theatre Institute, actor faculty, studio of I. Borisov and G. Alekhin. From 2003 to 2004 I worked in “Red Torch” Theatre,I. Erken play “Toot, Others and the Major”. I also worked in “Doc” Theatre in “Apples of Earth” performance. From 2004 to present moment I`m working in A.Kazantsev and M.Roshchina Center of Dramaturgy and Direction.Performances:“Galka Motalko”,“Ice Pictures”,“Two poor Romanians who speaks Polish”.

Sacha Plaige, Actress

Half french half russian, Sacha spent her life between the two countries. In Moscow she has a background in theatre where her work included an adaptation of Dead Souls for the "Project Gogol" (Meyerhold Center of Moscow) Feydeau’s "The Lady’s Dressmaker" ( Pushkine Theatre of Moscow) as well as various TV series and film ( short movie "Out " and motion picture " Kromoff "). A talented figure skater, Sacha was on the French national team and trained professionally in Moscow before enrolling in the all Russian State University in Cinematography. Fascinated by dancing and movement she came back to Paris to study in the Jacques Lecoq Theatre School where she met her future collegues. She lives currently in Paris where she works with Clout, her theatre company. She participated in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011 with Clout ‘s debut " Flynch, Looking ". It is her first work with SSSR productions.

Ilya Brylkov, Actor

I was born in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Almost half of my short life I dedicated to dancing. I`m the member of private group, Corn's Children (Jack's garret). I' m always next to the stage. I don`t like similar people because I think that everyone has his own talent. The performance "Nostalgia for reality" is my debut on the professional stage.

Denis Filimonov, Director

Graduated from the Moscow Art Theatre School. He is a member of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia, a member of the Russian Author’s Society. For the period of 1993 - 2000 he was an actor and director of the Moscow Drama Theatre named after Pushkin. Denis is the author of many plays, adaptations, TV and screenplays. He is the director of more than 10 performances in such theatres as The Dramatic Art and Direction Center, Theatre “Doc”, Theatre “Globus”.

Alexey Rubinshteyn, Actor, director, producer

Graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts and completed its postgraduate course. He worked in the theatrical enterprises, musicals and theatres of Moscow. For 5 years he performed in the celebrated Moscow theatre “Sovremennik” with many famous actors and directors. In the same place he started directing. He directed an evening of poetry and music with the young actors of his theatre together with a jazz band for the international festival of arts “Cherry Forest”. He was the director of the international project “Worldwide Class” in the “Sovremennik”. In 2008 Alexey founded SSSR productions and directed “The Self-Murder” for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The show got five stars from British Theatre Guide, four stars from Scotsman and “100 stars” award from USAWEEKLYNEWS. Also BBC hailed the acting “brilliant” and not once wrote about Alexey Rubinshteyn projects. Since 2004 he has been teaching actors in different Russian institutes. Moreover, he has devised his own training program and has been giving master-classes. In 2010 a live musical performance “Above The Clear Blue Sky” was a success and got favourable reviews from the press at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2012 he presents a new performance “Nostalgia for reality” specially for Adelaide Fringe Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he acts as an actor, producer and director.

Choreographer: Ramune Hodarkayte
Costume designer: Arina Samodelova
Photographer: Dmitriy Bykovskiy
Digital installation artist: Dmitriy Bykovskiy
Composer: Arkady Reznik
Designer: Nata Salmanova
Producers: Alexey Rubinshteyn Download press-release